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Retirement:  Life’s Greatest Adventure
A Retiree’s Guide to a Happy, Fulfilling Life — Every Retiree Should Read This Book

A new book by Bill Leavitt 
Published by Write On Technical Writing, Inc., Valparaiso, Indiana

Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure is a book by Bill Leavitt about how a retiree or future retiree can create a plan to have a happy, healthy, fulfilling retirement.   It guides readers through the decision-making and planning involved with creating the ideal retirement.  It answers many of the questions that will help readers to decide what they want to do with their retirement. Often retirees can discover options that they didn’t even realize they have. Also, future retirees will discover that there are pitfalls to retirement that they never imagined existed.

Most of all, this book is intended to expose readers to a whole world of opportunities that will make retirement more fun, exciting, satisfying and fulfilling. The book tries to show readers ways to be more active, enthusiastic, involved, fit, healthy, happy and fulfilled.  Especially emphasized is how a person can be more physically, mentally and emotionally fit.  Over 100 exciting examples of activities that suit retirees are described and discussed.

The book contains guidance for how people thinking about retiring can best prepare for retirement; suggestions for those who have retired but may not have discovered all the joys of retirement; emotional and psychological aspects of retirement; how to deal with all the invitations for volunteer jobs; advice on moving to a new area; how to make new friends; going back to work; health aspects of retirement; what to do with retirement benefits; how retirement effects your marriage; how to figure out what to do with your time; goal-setting; and a rating system for activities.

Bill Leavitt has worked as a technical writer in Chicago for most of his working life. He now lives in Valparaiso, Indiana, and most recently taught part time at Purdue University Calumet in Hammond. Bill is a member of the Chicago Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and was a past president and Fellow of the international STC organization.

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